Pely's World

Welcome to Pely’s world, a world full of love, respect and “meraki” about authentic and natural organic food products all originating and produced in the sacred Greek land! We are passionate about all things natural and organic, our philosophy is simple and comes from our ancient Greek roots.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food - Hippocrates

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Produced with a lot of love by ourselves, early harvested, cold pressed and unfiltered, our organic extra virgin olive oil originates from hand picked green olives cultivated in our olive growths in Corfu. Rich in vitamin E!

Natural Untreated Sea Salts

Harvested with meraki under the Greek sun, unrefined and pure, hand extracted, our collection contains our premium natural “Flower of the salt” or Fleur de Sel and of course our untreated sea salt. Fine and delicate!

Pure Herbs & Spices

Naturally produced, hand picked, sun dried in Greece, our herbs and spices collection includes, pure chilli threads, pure whole chilli peppers and pure Aleppo peppers. Rich in vitamin C and in flavour!

Pely’s Gusto Boxes

Hand selected from Pely herself our premium Greek natural product gift boxes selection for your special ones. Hand packaged in craft boxes and made with love and gusto, a hearty or keen enjoyment as in eating or drinking!

Pely’s World, a world praising authenticity, sustainability, gusto, euphoria!

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil producers and distributors of only organic and natural food products from Greece! A dash of Pely’s World, can light up your life!

From Geology to sustainable organic micro farming

Pely’s World is a real world crafted by me, Pely Avgerinou, a geologist turned into an organic olive oil producer in Corfu Island. Obsessed with quality organic products from Greece and driven by my passion for a healthy balanced lifestyle I created, Pely’s World.

For the Love of Soil

Our organic story is greater than just the healthy benefits of clean, natural and nutritious products, our organic micro farming helps protect our environment, our soil, it’s that simple! Pely’s World, is a world committed to only sell exceptional all natural and organic products from Greece with love. We strive to provide our customers with a safe and convenient place to shop premium organic and natural products from Greece.