About Us

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Producer

Hello, we are Pely’s World, an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Producer in Corfu Island and a distributor of premium natural and organic products from Greece.

Our Story

The idea behind Pely’s World was born in 2020 when Pely, a young geologist turned into an organic extra virgin olive oil producer, driven by her passion she decided to pursue her dream to produce an exceptional premium organic extra virgin olive oil!

Our Vision

Inspired by the father of medicine Hippocrates, our rich Greek history and our roots our vision is clear, to create premium authentic Greek organic and natural products while respecting our lands and sustaining the eco system around us.

Our Olive Groves

Surrounded by lush natural beauty Corfu Island is covered by perennial sun-kissed olive trees, blessed and protected by the sun. After careful scouting and analyze of morphology, altitude and quality of the soils we selected only the best and richest lands all around the island. We acquired our first olive groves combining the rough lands of limestone at Barbati rich in vitamins and the smooth lands of silty sandstone at Chalikounas rich in minerals. In our lands where Ionian Sea breeze engulfs our olive trees on a daily basis and along with the mild winters in Corfu, we early harvest our prime rich green olives that lavishly give us our organic extra virgin olive oil.


Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made with a lot of love by people for people who love to eat.

We hand pick each olive early in the harvest season, we single out only the finest ones, we are carefully mixing our harvests of all our lands so as to achieve the optimum quality!

Cold pressed and unfiltered, stored in stainless steel tanks preserving all the high nutritional characteristics of our end product and protect it against oxidation.

Our natural Sea Salt and Herbs & Spices collections

We live for authenticity and the beauty of simplicity except for our meraki for producing high quality organic extra virgin olive oil.

We also distribute hand-selected natural products from Greece, such as our natural sea salt collection and our herbs & spices collection.

We love evolving so as time progress we seek to enrich further our natural products and collections.

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Our World

A dash of our world can light up your life
- Pely

We created Pely’s World, a balanced world where people and nature thrive,

a natural world which we love and respect,

a world that preserves its traditions and evolves them,

an ethic and eco-only friendly world,

a world that praises Life, Gusto and Euphoria!