Natural Untreated Sea Salts

Harvested with meraki using traditional methods from Messolonghi lagoon in Greece, evaporated under the Greek sun, unrefined and pure, our hand extracted natural untreated sea salt collection includes our premium natural untreated Fleur de Sel known also as “Flower of the salt”, our natural untreated sea salt and of course our blends made of our sea salt flakes and of our unique Greek Herbs & Spices. Our natural untreated fleur de Sel and sea salt are both derived from seawater, both 100% natural and not altered in any way.

Sea water is conducted from the sea into natural shallow basins also known as salt pits or salt gardens of Messolonghi! The sea water will be then evaporated naturally by the Greek sun and the Mediterranean breeze and crystallized sea salt is obtained. The hand-picked crystallized sea salt is then packaged into our distinctive ceramic jars and is ready to be shipped.

Unrefined, pure and coarse-grained Pely’s World natural untreated sea salts are premium quality food grade, granular, white crystalline sea salts and are perfect for cooking and seasoning, contain no free-flowing additives or conditioners and will certainly enhance your special gourmet moments.